About Me

First name: Sammy
Middle name: Sean

Gender: Male
Age: 4 years old
Birthday:  May 15

Home: Missouri, USA

Owners: Mom, Dad, and their two humans pups

Favorite Activities: long walks, soccer, playing with my tennis ball

Other pets: none, but one of my human pups had a fish once.....

Best friends: Rusty the Cavalier, Wendy the Border Collie, Maisy the Labrador Retriever, and Mocca the Dachshund.

Favortie toys: tennis ball, anything that squeaks, stuffed animals, my dinousar, and my chew toy that looks like a wishbone

Bad Habits:  Pulling on my leash,  tyring to eat ANYTHING that is on the floor and small enought to fit in my mouth

Tricks/Words I know: Sit, Stay, Come, Shake, Leave It, Bedtime, Go Potty, Let's Go For a Walk, Treat, Eat, Drink (I think that is about it)

Fun Facts

- I was the only puppy in my litter
- I am a tricolor Cavalier
- I LOVE to lick
- I stare at the t.v. when I am on my humans laps, and they could swear that I am actually watching t.v.
- I love soccer so much, that anytime I see a soccer ball I go nuts, I will even try to run in the middle of a soccer game to get the ball
- I like to eat grass
- I grab towels around the house just so I can lay on them when I sleep
- I always bring my mom a toy when she walks in the door