Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My box!

Sorry I haven't posted a proper blog lately, there hasn't really been that much going on. During the winter months I'm usually cooped up inside, only going out to go to the bathroom, and the occasional walk when it is not too cold outside. The only time I've been outside of my neighborhood this week is to go to the groomers! (Which, believe me, was not my first choice of where I wanted to go on my first real outing since the beginning of February!) Anyway, while being forced to stay inside Tonya gave me one of my favorite things to play with: a cardboard box! I love tossing it from side to side, and dragging it all around the house! Here are some pictures of me with my box:


  1. I used to have a cat who LOVED boxes! He couldn't get enough of them. I could buy him expensive toys and he wouldn't want anything to do with them but give him a box or a paper bag and he was in heaven! bol

  2. Hmmm.....kids....dogs....do you see a similarity there. They both love simple toys and boxes is as simple as you can get. My kids - and dogs - all love to play with boxes too. Have fun with your inside toy Sammy.

  3. Oh yeah - I used to love cardboard boxes too when I was younger! I loved ripping them up and tearing them to pieces! My humans used to save them for me to play...cheaper than the pet store toys - hee! hee!

    You looked like you were really enjoying yours, Sammy!

    Honey the Great Dane