Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Haircut

So I went to the groomers on Saturday, (even though I didn't think I needed to go to that scary place) and guess what they did? They cut my hair short! Nobody even warned me it was time for my summer haircut! I mean, I didn't have anytime to prepare!

Luckily (with my direction) my groomer was able to do a pretty good job, and I think I look pretty cool! I even got a red bandana to add to my new style!

Here are some pics of my new summer look (watch out ladies! )


  1. We reckon you look pretty cool :D

    Mum cuts Pirate and Monty's hair in summer, but she gets the nice lady at our pet shop to do Lucky's all the time. He just got his done again today, even though we're starting winter here, because it gets too long and heavy and makes him walk funny if he doesn't get it cut off.

    We all LOVE the nice lady at the petshop, cos she gives us treats for FREE! She doesn't even make us SIT first :D (Although if Mum is close by, Mum will ask us to sit. Spoil sport)

    Oh, and your bandana is very flash!

    Puppy love from Monty, Pirate, and Lucky

  2. We think your summer fur do is gorgeous :) The red bandana really completes the look!

    I hope your human has given harnessing your inner hunting instincts a go, Laura said on her course there was a Cavalier just like you, and it was the best in the class at tracking :D

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Sammy, your summer cut looks pawfect on you!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  4. Oh Sammy - I don't think you look bad at all! I'm sure it's nice to be cooler - and yes, that red bandana definitely suits you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. You look very handsome. Kendall's going for her summer cut on Tuesday.

  6. "You look smashing Sammy" Kodee says as she bats you an eye with a flick of her tail LOL

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