Friday, September 2, 2011


I just wanted to say that I have not commented on your blogs lately because the stupid computer keeps saying that my account does allow me to comment on any of your blogs. I have been visting them weekly, and trying to comment, but Tonya just can't seem to get it to work! It is very frustrating, but Tonya will keep trying untill she gets it fixed. In the mean time I am still checking each your of blogs, and enjoying every post, I just can't comment on them!


  1. Blogger is so annoying sometimes! I had that problem too before, can't remember what I did to resolve it though.

    I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

  2. I had this problem too after I hadn't blogged for awhile and then something changed while I was away. I found out from someone else that what you need to do is if when it asks you what ID you'd like to use then hit Google account if that's what you use (I'm using you do because you're on Blogger like me) then it will say what you said your account doesn't support comments or something like that. Then it should take you back to the page where you have to sign into Blogger as if you're just opening your account and where you see the small box saying "Keep me signed in" untick that little box and sign back into your account. It will then take you back to the blog you wanted to comment on and ask you to type in the word showing you'r a real person. It should then allow you to submit your comment. I know it sounds a very long way around but you get used to it and it works. If you find out a quicker way please let me know too. Thanks.