Thursday, November 25, 2010

Facts About My Breed

Not many people know much about cavaliers, so here are some facts about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels:

We were originally used as hunting dogs in the day time, and then at night we were lap dogs. We became (and still are) one of the most popular dog breeds in Great Britain when King Charles II made the breed popular.

We have four coat types: Blenheim (red/brown and white), Tricolor (black, white, and brown), Black and Tan, and Ruby.

Our breed nickname is "The Comforter Spaniel" because of our laid back temperament and love for sleeping on people's laps. We are also called Cavaliers or Cavs for short.

We are toy breed dogs and are usually 15 to 20 pounds, and about 12 to 14 inches tall (although we act like we are much bigger!) and we are the biggest dog breed in the toy breed group.

We are active, and very affectionate dogs that thrive on human attention. We are very good with children and other animals, but are sometimes cautious around strange people or dogs. Cavaliers are willing to please, but can also be independent at times.

Our most famous traits are our big, brown eyes, our red/brown eyebrows, and our big, tail that opens up like a fan.

Here is a picture of the different types of cavaliers:(From Left to Right): Tricolor, Ruby, Black and Tan, and Blenheim

Now it's your turn! Post a blog about your dog's breed, and then pass the message on to your friends!


  1. Interesting, I learned something new today!

    I hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Pretty much dead on with my dogs personality traits! Ah but Black and tans have those red eyebrows too ;)

  3. You're right! I'll be sure to fix that!

  4. How interesting!! My humans remember seeing LOTS of Cavaliers when they lived in the UK - such popular doggies - but not so much now here Down Under. She says you are such sweet doggies!'

    OK - will try to do something about Danes in one of my posts coming up!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Hmmm... you are a Tricolor?
    Our humans used to live next door to a Ruby coloured one....her name was Ruby hehe!

    Thanks for the greta info, we learnt a lot :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes