Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!
I had a really fun Christmas, I got presents and everything! I knew it was Christmas time about a week before Christmas, because my human mom put my stocking over the fire place, along with my two human pups', and we put the Christmas tree up, which I always love, because there is a great spot to sleep right underneath the branches. For Christmas I got a new bone to chew (which Tonya really likes because it is supposed to clean my teeth and freshen my breath), a new rope toy that I can play tug-o'-war with, and a big bag full of yummy treats! (The only bad thing about that is that Tonya says I'm not aloud to eat all of the treats at once.)

My Christmas was really fun, and I hope everyone's holidays were just as amazing as mine!
Here are some pictures of me playing with my new toys!

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  1. I'm glad you had such a merry Christmas, Sammy! My boys got treats too and they were both upset that they didn't get to eat them all at once. After their first potty break in the morning, my little Chico won't leave the kitchen until he has a treat. He has me trained well, huh? bol

    Happy New Year!