Thursday, December 2, 2010

My bum sickies

Well, to start with, I am currently out of the doggie hospital, and I am going to make nice recovery.

About a week ago Tonya noticed whenever she took me out to go potty, I would have a hard time relieving myself, and I would even whine in pain when I went poo. She also noticed that was sliding my butt on the ground more than usual. Well, about 3 days ago I started getting really sick, and I would not eat, or drink, all I would do all day was sleep on the floor, which is odd for me because when I usually sleep during the day I like to curl on the couch. Tonya saw how bad I was feeling, and finally got the nerve to lift up my tail and examine my bum (eww!). What she found was pretty bad! There was a big pink bump right on my bum, that my tail had been hiding. Tonya was very worried, but before we went to the vet, she looked up my systems online, and found out what the problem was. My anal glands, which are tiny sacs near my bum that help release waste, were inflated! She read that this is a very serious thing, and that, if they were not taken of, they could burst! About 10 percent of doggies have to deal with issues from their anal glands, because for some of us, they do not empty themselves out naturally, so they get bigger, and bigger, untill they can't hold anymore waste. The worst part about this kind of issue is that if it is not taken care of properly, and quickly, a dog can get an infection on his bum, and get very sick! After figuring out what was wrong, Tonya and my mom rushed to the doggie hospital and they took my temperature, and they found out I also had a fever. My doctor said I haid to go get surgery right away, so Tonya and mom left for the day, so I could have my surgery. The surgery went really will, and I feel alot better, but the bad thing is that now I have to go to the vet reguarly about once every 2 to 3 months now to get my bum cleaned out, so that this doesn't happen again.

Well anyway, Tonya is just glad I am ok, and I have been home since Wednesday night, resting, and on my way to a full recovery.

Here are some pictures of me my surgery. (The last picture is a picture of my bum after surgery, it's a little gross, so you don't have to look at if you don't want to)


  1. Oh Sammy!! You poor, poor thing! That sounds awful! I can really empathise because I used to have anal gland problems too! Yes! I was stinky all the time (and you know, my anal glands are BIG) - so in the end, the vet actually said it was best for me to just have them removed completely! Yup! So I had a big operation and they took them out and now I don't have any anal glands anymore! My humans were a bit worried that it might affect the way other doggies react to me (maybe they couldn't smell anything when they tried to sniff my bum?) but it doesn't seem to have affected my social life - hee! hee!

    Anyway, so I am much happier now I don't have to worry about my anal glands anymore! The vet said the only slight risk was that when I got really old, I MIGHT have incontinence problems with poo coz the operation might have made my muscles weaker...but so far so good! :-)

    Am glad you're out of the hospital now and hope you feel all better soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Oh my dogness, you poor thing! I'm glad you're hope from the doggy hospital now and well on your way to recovery. I hope you finish healing up soon and won't have any more issues.

    My big chi has been rubbing his bum on the ground lately. I need to really have his cleaned out so he doesn't have the same problem.

  3. OUCH!! Sending healing thoughts your way Sammy! Tell Mom, I eat squash everyday to give me extra fiber! That may help! Fill better!

  4. O dear Sammy, what a unpleasent experince for you!

    Our Human said that one of the Mobility Dogs she trained had anal gland problems....they kept getting full and needing to be emptied and conatntly getting infected. She said it stunk really bad!
    In the end because they kept causing a problem the Vet said to remove them - hehe which is funny, becuase when other dogs go to sniff her bum they get very confused as they can't get all the information they need about her :p

    Anyway we are glad you are making a good recovery and hope you are back to your bouncy self soon!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes