Friday, June 17, 2011


My humans are going on vacation the week! They are going to go to Colorado, and have lots of fun. But guess what? I don't get to go with them! They are just going to go visit all of these cool places without me, for a whole week! But it does mean that I get to spend the week at my doggy daycare place, which I always have loads of fun at! (Although I would much rather be with my humans) I get to meet new doggies and play almost all day, plus I gets lots of cuddles and attention because all of the people there think I am so cute! So, anyway, since I will be gone this week I won't be able to visit your blogs, but don't worry, I will check them when I get back.

Here is a picture of my "I'm going to have my own little vacation at doggy daycare" look:


  1. Have a wonderful vacation! Bring back a photo of you going to daycare and tell Mom to snap lots in Colorado for us too!

  2. Have a great vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Sammy, enjoy your stay at doggie daycare! I am sure your human will bring you good treats from Colorado!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo