Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My humans are going on vacation! And the worst part is, they are not taking me with them! Every summer my humans go on vacation for a couple of days, and each time, they drop me off at doggy daycare. Now, I like it at my daycare, and I always get good reviews from the daycare employees, but I also get a little nervous for the first couple of days. I mean, how do I know if my humans are coming back for me or not?!?! At my daycare they have a little swimming pool for dogs, a shaded outside area for us doggies to play in, a playset for us inside, and our own little rooms, that are next to each other. I am able to play all day, with a nap and dinner break in between play time. And when it is time for us doggies to go to bed we can lay down on our very own cots (or any bed that our humans brought with us.) Now this is fun and all, but it is also very stressful to be away from my family for a week, and I am usually a bit hesitant about playing with the other dogs there (some of them are really big and hyper, and as a small, sometimes timid, dog, I don't know how do deal with it.) My humans always bring my favorite toys for me to play with, and that makes me feel better when we are in our rooms at night, and before breakfast. But, unlike most doggies, I never hold a grudge agaisnt my humans for leaving me to have fun (without me), I am just really happy and excited when they come and pick me up. (But this doesn't mean that I am ok with them going to far off places to have fun adventures, while leaving me behind!) I will just be glad when it is all over, and life goes back to normal.


  1. Oh Sammy - I must say - that sounds more like a doggy resort than daycare!! :-) Maybe your humans could take some photos of you outside it (or in it) when they drop you off or pick you up so we can see what it looks like? Remember, now that you've got a blog, their full time job is always to get photos of you doing everything you talk about on your blog! Ha! Ha! :-)

    Hope you have a good time there. I used to go to a pet hotel when my humans went away, back in NZ...but here in Australia, they didn't like any of the kennels here (they were all like jails! the pet hotel I stayed in back in Auckland was more like a creche where all doggies could hang out together in the daytime) - so they found me a pet sitter instead and it's great coz I can stay with their family and they have a Great Dane too! So I get my own Dane playmate.

    Anyway, catch you when you get back!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. ^^^ I agree with Honey, it does sound more like a doggy resort than a daycare!

    I linked to you from Honey's blog so I wanted to stop by and say hello. And now I'm following you so I can keep up on all of your adventures!

  3. I have to second Honey's comment about Australian kennels. I stayed in one once and boy was I glad to get out of there!

    Enjoy your time at the doggie resort and don't worry. Your humans would be crazy to leave a doggie like you behind!

    Love, Oscar and the gang