Friday, July 16, 2010

My Mom and Dad

I was reading an old post on Honey the Great Dane's website a couple of days ago, and I read one that talked about Honey's parents, and I have decided to do a blog about my parents too!

My mom's name is Lizzie, and she is a a tan and white (Blenheim) Cavalier. She was born in Ireland, but she came to Missouri when she was a puppy. She is a very pretty dog, and she was a great mother!. When I was born the only other puppy in my litter died at birth, so my mom raised me as an only child (this is partly why I am still pretty timid around rowdy, hyper, dogs. )
My mom, Lizzie, after she gave birth to me.

My dad's name is Sailor, and he is a tricolor Cavalier, just like me. Tonya says I look just like my dad. He was born in England, but he also came to my breeders when he was a puppy. My dad was a show dog, although he still had time to spend with my mom (and have me!) When my breeders introduced my mom and dad they hit it off right away. My dad charmed my mom, and they soon became a couple. They had a couple of litters before I came along, but when I came I was as cute as could be!
My dad, Sailor, posing in his back yard.

When I was born my breeders were at first not going to put me up for adoption, they were going to use me as a stud dog, to perform in dog shows, and have puppies with their other girl dogs. But they put my puppy photo up on their website, anyway. That's when my human mom saw a picture of me when she was surfing the web, looking for Cavalier breeders. She fell in love with me right away! And when she told the rest of the family, they agreed I was the dog for them! After exchanging several emails with my breeder, the deal was done, and I was due to start my new life, in my new home when I reached 8 weeks old.

Here are the pictures my human mom first saw of me.


  1. OMD, you were such a cute puppy! I can see how your pawrents fell in love with you.

    This was a really interesting post. I don't know anything about my boys parents.

  2. You have a very pretty and handsome mummy and daddy Sammy :)

    We love your Tri-colouring!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Wow Sammy! You were soooooooo cute! Are you sure you're a doggie and not a cookie? We could eat you all up.

    My human met my parents but they didn't look like any Maltese she had seen before (dodgy breeders....grrr) but they looked very happy, healthy and well adjusted. Plus I was pretty cute myself and immediately accepted my new family so my human knew we belonged together. Though in hindsight she wouldn't get a doggie from anywhere but a reputable breeder or a shelter, she feels things worked out very well, especially because I wasn't raised to be spoiled like a lot of Maltese puppies are.

    We're so happy you and your human found eachother.

    Love, Oscar and the gang