Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home again!

I'm home! My humans came and got me from my daycare this morning! They were gone for a whole week because they went on vacation to a state called California. I had fun at daycare, and I made a lot of new friends! Here are some pictures of where I stayed:I got to play all day while I was there, except for a breakfast, nap, and lunch break each day, before it was time for all of us doggies to go to bed. I even got a report card that told my humans how I did while they were gone, and my very own ID card.My report card said that I always ate my meals, I was mostly an observer when it came to group play time, I mostly enjoyed playing with the employees, as opposed to the other dogs, and I was always excited to see my caretaker in the morning when it was time to go to the play area!

Anyway, I am really glad to be back home with my family, and I am relieved that all of the chaos of going on vacation is over!

Here are some pictures of my first day back home. (My humans bought me a bone to take home with me, you can see me chomping on it in one of the pictures, it was almost too big to fit in my mouth!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Voyage!

My stay at doggy daycare starts tomorrow, so this will be my last post for about a week. I am excited to go to doggy daycare, but at the same time, I am not pleased that my humans will be going on vacation without me. I always have fun at daycare, but I also always miss my humans alot. Tonya is going to take pictures of my daycare, and help me post them when we get back. Anyway, talk to you soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Mom and Dad

I was reading an old post on Honey the Great Dane's website a couple of days ago, and I read one that talked about Honey's parents, and I have decided to do a blog about my parents too!

My mom's name is Lizzie, and she is a a tan and white (Blenheim) Cavalier. She was born in Ireland, but she came to Missouri when she was a puppy. She is a very pretty dog, and she was a great mother!. When I was born the only other puppy in my litter died at birth, so my mom raised me as an only child (this is partly why I am still pretty timid around rowdy, hyper, dogs. )
My mom, Lizzie, after she gave birth to me.

My dad's name is Sailor, and he is a tricolor Cavalier, just like me. Tonya says I look just like my dad. He was born in England, but he also came to my breeders when he was a puppy. My dad was a show dog, although he still had time to spend with my mom (and have me!) When my breeders introduced my mom and dad they hit it off right away. My dad charmed my mom, and they soon became a couple. They had a couple of litters before I came along, but when I came I was as cute as could be!
My dad, Sailor, posing in his back yard.

When I was born my breeders were at first not going to put me up for adoption, they were going to use me as a stud dog, to perform in dog shows, and have puppies with their other girl dogs. But they put my puppy photo up on their website, anyway. That's when my human mom saw a picture of me when she was surfing the web, looking for Cavalier breeders. She fell in love with me right away! And when she told the rest of the family, they agreed I was the dog for them! After exchanging several emails with my breeder, the deal was done, and I was due to start my new life, in my new home when I reached 8 weeks old.

Here are the pictures my human mom first saw of me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My humans are going on vacation! And the worst part is, they are not taking me with them! Every summer my humans go on vacation for a couple of days, and each time, they drop me off at doggy daycare. Now, I like it at my daycare, and I always get good reviews from the daycare employees, but I also get a little nervous for the first couple of days. I mean, how do I know if my humans are coming back for me or not?!?! At my daycare they have a little swimming pool for dogs, a shaded outside area for us doggies to play in, a playset for us inside, and our own little rooms, that are next to each other. I am able to play all day, with a nap and dinner break in between play time. And when it is time for us doggies to go to bed we can lay down on our very own cots (or any bed that our humans brought with us.) Now this is fun and all, but it is also very stressful to be away from my family for a week, and I am usually a bit hesitant about playing with the other dogs there (some of them are really big and hyper, and as a small, sometimes timid, dog, I don't know how do deal with it.) My humans always bring my favorite toys for me to play with, and that makes me feel better when we are in our rooms at night, and before breakfast. But, unlike most doggies, I never hold a grudge agaisnt my humans for leaving me to have fun (without me), I am just really happy and excited when they come and pick me up. (But this doesn't mean that I am ok with them going to far off places to have fun adventures, while leaving me behind!) I will just be glad when it is all over, and life goes back to normal.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Longing for sleep

Since it is the summer time my human pups have not had to go to school for a while, and I have had to share the house with them all day, every day! This means I have gotten very little sleep since school let out. But this week my human pups are going to help with something called Vacation Bible School. This means I will have half of the day to myself, all week! I am looking forward to this, although Tonya says I am too lazy anyway. (I disagree, I need all of the beauty sleep I can get, so I can always look my best!)

My first blog!

Hi there! My name is Sammy and I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and my human pup (my kid), Tonya, has decided to start a blog for me. I am four years old and about 20 lbs. Tonya says I am a very spunky little guy, and I love to play; but, I am just as happy sitting down on your lap and sleeping, or watching tv with you! My favorite game is soccer, I love to chase after the ball, and I am a great goalie! In this blog Tonya hopes to entertain everyone with my antics, and share the fun moments that she is able to have with me. I hope you will enjoy this blog!